Furyan – Electrifying the marine market

Jun 24, 2021 | Insights

Furyan Marine Technology (a) design and manufacture sea going Eco Hybrid marine sports cruisers (b) supply its hybrid and electric technology systems to other boat builders and operators (c) provide consultancy services on hull design and sustainable manufacturing (d) and can supply charging options for electric and hybrid boats.

Furyan are offering three methods of recharging the batteries in an electric boat:

port charger

Portable charging: the lowest cost option at under £2,000 plus VAT. This portable solution can connect to almost any electrical supply, either single phase or three phase, and can provide a top-up charge of up to 22kW or a trickle charge over 24 hours depending on the electrical supply. It is rated IP67 (waterproof) and comes with the option of control via smartphone Bluetooth (BLE) or WiFi interface. A great option when visiting a marina that has not yet invested in electrification.

Pontoon berth charging

Pontoon berth charging: using a DC wall box and halving the charge time when compared with AC options. A wall box can be connected to most existing electrical infrastructure and provide up to 30kW. If multiple units are to be installed then some upgrading of the electrical infrastructure may be required. Before receiving any grants for purchase and installation an installed DC wall box will cost c£9,000 plus VAT. This unit is ideal for overnight charging or when berthed for several hours.


Fast chargingFast charging: the most expensive and fastest option costing a six figure sum to purchase and install (POA) and providing a charge of up to 360kW (although other models are available). This option is most likely to be positioned at the fuelling station of a marina. For the Furyan F35 Eco Hybrid cruiser with a 252kWh battery, recharging could be done from fully discharged to fully charged in under 45 minutes. These fast chargers have both CHAdeMo and CCS2 connections with liquid cooled cables. Whilst providing fast high charge outputs some models have a low power grid connection which will reduce significantly installation and running costs. Fast chargers are typically rated IP54/IK10 able to withstand water spray from all directions.

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