Furyan helping to make marine clean – support for the RYA sustainability strategy

Apr 15, 2021 | Insights

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) is recognised globally as a leader in recreational boating from training, technical, economic, and elite sport perspectives. This gives the RYA a unique ability to shape the future of our sport and to ensure that the future is sustainable.

The RYA’s “Pathways to Zero” document sets out a Sustainability Strategy and a Vision for a Sustainable UK Recreational Boating Sector by 2030, full details of the document are available here.

Furyan Marine Technology welcomes and supports the aims of the RYA Sustainability Strategy and aims to do its part in lowering the carbon footprint in the marine sector.

Incorporated in 2020 the company will design and manufacture hybrid marine sports cruisers, supplying its hybrid technology systems to other boat builders and providing consultancy services on hull design and sustainable manufacturing.

FURYAN F35 will be 97% cleaner than carbon fibre

The hull of the Furyan F35 will be manufactured using a natural lightweight fibre.  This material choice has a 77% reduction of CO2 over a glass fibre construction and 97% cleaner than a carbon fibre construction.

FURYAN F35 will have zero CO2 emissions when running on electric

The combined duty cycle of the Furyan Cascade System will have 68% saving on fuel and CO2 (simulated sea conditions) and 100% clean CO2 when running on all electric. The Furyan Cascade System drives a single dual prop sterndrive, features two electric motors run in series and uses a variable hybrid power generator.

FURYAN F35 hull will be recyclable

Using a natural lightweight fibre the hull of the Furyan F35 can be recycled and has a low CO2 manufacturing ratio.

The Furyan F35 marine sports cruiser will be available to order in Q4 of 2021.  However, you can express your interest now by contacting us