Furyan helping to make marine clean – the hull design program

Apr 15, 2021 | Insights

Furyan Marine Technology aims to lower the carbon footprint in the marine sector.  This involves considering our impact on the environment through the design, the manufacture and the running of our vessels.  In the design we use market leading consultants in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and FEA (Finite element Analysis) to help us with optimising the design of our hulls.

The hull for the Furyan F35 hybrid marine sports cruiser has been designed using CFD for the hydrodynamics analysis.  This is provided from one of the top CFD consultant companies in the world.  They use a database correlating data between virtual CFD and real test data as a reference model for the design that is unique to the marine industry.  The outcome is a boat designed with a wave-piercing bow for reduced friction drag at low speed and a deep V planing hull designed to reduce the power consumption from transition mode to planing mode, this is very important for e-power consumption, efficiency and propeller slippage (energy waste).    

After developing the hull geometry and aerodynamic surfaces, the structures are developed using seakeeping hydrodynamics pressure from the CFD analysis in three different sea states.  These are converted into FEA loadings that will determine the overall structural design.  This process is particularly complex when the structures are made from recyclable natural materials.  Our FEA specialists draw upon their design experience from the high-performance world of motorsport and F1, a sector in which we lead the world.  The result is maximum strength, minimum stress, achieving the maximum stiffness to weight ratio, which benefits performance and e-power consumption.

The hull of the Furyan F35 will be manufactured using a natural lightweight fibre that can be recycled and has a low CO2 manufacturing ratio.  This material choice has a 77% reduction of CO2 over a glass fibre construction and 97% cleaner than a carbon fibre construction.

The combined duty cycle of the Furyan Cascade System will have 68% saving on fuel and CO2 (simulated sea conditions) and 100% clean CO2 when running on all electric. The Furyan Cascade System drives a single dual prop sterndrive, features two electric motors run in series and uses a variable hybrid power generator.

The environmentally friendly Furyan F35 will be launched at a price point comparable to the market leading petrol and diesel powered marine sports cruisers that are less friendly to the environment.

Furyan Marine Technology also provide consultancy services supplying its hybrid technology systems to other boat builders and providing consultancy on hull design and sustainable manufacturing.