Furyan Marine Technology to use latest EV heat-pump technology.

Oct 19, 2021 | Insights

Furyan Marine Technology are using their extensive experience in automotive engineering to work with leading system manufacturers in the automotive sector to develop a compact and economical system that can increase the winter cruising range of their Eco Hybrid boat by up to 20 percent.

Due to temperature changes of the seasons modern EV’s (electric vehicles) present complex challenges for efficient thermal management throughout the year.

Electric boats do not have waste heat from an IC engine and therefore will have to rely on direct resistive heating by electric heaters or diesel heaters to heat the cabins, propulsion motors and batteries in wintertime. This extra load on the propulsion battery in cold temperatures can reduce the cruising range of a fully charged electric boat by up to a quarter.

Furyan Marine Technology will use an easy to control integrated heat pump thermal management system in the Furyan F35 Eco Hybrid cruiser for their high voltage efficient thermal management system and cabin heating and cabin cooling.

A heat pump can produce 3kW of thermal energy for every 1kW of electric energy, thus resulting in an efficiency of 300-percent. Since the heat pump uses less energy in heating and cooling the cabin, it results in a better sailing range overall.

In summer, the cruising range will also be increased by the reduction in the energy required for cooling the propulsion motors, batteries and the interior of the boat, using the heat pump technology.

Working with leading automotive heat pump designers and manufacturers Furyan are taking the latest EV technology and are using it in their Eco Hybrid boats, but instead of using liquid to air as in an EV, the Furyan Eco Hybrid boat will use liquid to liquid via sea water heat exchangers.

Furyan Marine Technology design and manufacture in the UK Eco Hybrid marine cruisers, supplying hybrid and electric propulsion systems and consultancy services on sustainable manufacture.

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