Furyan Marine Technology welcomes investment from 3D Consultancy

Apr 15, 2021 | Insights

Furyan Marine Technology welcomes a strategic investment from the 3D Consultancy.

Furyan Marine Technology designs and manufactures hybrid marine sports cruisers, supplying its hybrid technology systems to other boat builders and provides consultancy services on hull design and sustainable manufacturing.

The 3D Consultancy provides design, engineering and manufacturing consultancy services.  A spokesperson for the 3D Consultancy commented “we are fully aligned to the environmentally friendly vision of the Furyan designs, the Furyan F35 marine sports cruiser designs look fantastic and we are excited to be working with Furyan on this project”.

The Furyan F35 hybrid marine sports cruiser features a hull manufactured using a natural lightweight fibre that can be recycled and has a low CO2 manufacturing ratio.  This material choice has a 77% reduction of CO2 over a glass fibre construction and 97% cleaner than a carbon fibre construction.

The Furyan Cascade System drives a single dual prop sterndrive, features two electric motors run in series and uses a variable hybrid power generator.  The combined duty cycle of the Furyan Cascade System will have 68% saving on fuel and CO2 (simulated sea conditions) and 100% clean CO2 when running on all electric.

The environmentally friendly Furyan F35 will be launched at a price point comparable to the market leading petrol and diesel powered marine sports cruisers that are less friendly to the environment.

A spokesperson from Furyan Marine Technology commented “we are delighted with the support and investment from the 3D Consultancy.  We see this investment as a real vote of confidence in our vision for the company and its designs.  We are currently seeking enquiries from other investors who wish to support us in making marine clean.”