Furyan MT reduce carbon footprint in marine by 70%

Dec 6, 2021 | Insights

Furyan Marine Technology have commissioned a study to look at the carbon footprint of the F35 Eco Hybrid sports cruiser. The study considers the production and use of the boat over ten years and compares it to an equivalent fossil fuelled boat. This study concludes that the F35 has a carbon footprint of 57 tonnes (CO2e) compared with the alternative at 195 tonnes (CO2e) that is a 70% reduction on the carbon footprint.

How has Furyan reduced the carbon footprint by 70%

The flow diagram above shows the thinking used by Furyan in the design and development of the F35 Eco Hybrid sports cruiser. Every aspect of the supply chain has been considered from the sourcing of raw material and components, through manufacture and assembly, how the boat will be used and at end of life, how materials and components can be recycled or reused.

Has there been any compromise on the performance of the sports cruiser?

The F35 Eco Hybrid sports cruiser matches its fossil fuelled equivalents for performance and specification. Indeed, the F35 Eco Hybrid can provide greater torque enabling full power to 38 knots (limited) from a stationery position and quieter running (less noise pollution) than fossil fuelled alternatives.

What exactly did the study include?

The carbon footprint includes emissions from upstream supplier activities, manufacturing and emissions in the user phase of the boat. The functional unit chosen as the reference is the use of a specific Furyan Eco Hybrid Electric sports cruiser boat, sailing 70 powered hours pa over a period of 10 years. The study then compares, the same boat with different construction materials and propulsion power. Note that diesel emissions are for fuel burned in the engine and do not include Well to Tank Emissions which will increase the emissions by 24% and make the comparative reduction even larger.

yearFuryan Eco Hybrid Carbon footprint Assessment

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