Key features and benefits of the Furyan Eco Hybrid system

May 10, 2021 | Insights

Above Image of the Furyan F35 sterndrive

The Furyan Cascade System with sterndrive features two electric motors run in series and a variable hybrid power generator.  The combined duty cycle of this system will have a 68% saving on fuel and CO2 (simulated sea conditions) and 100% clean CO2 when running on all electric.

The configuration of the Furyan Cascade System will allow electric motors to phase in and out, providing the most efficient use of energy to match the power curve of the propellor.

As a sea going vessel, safety is paramount.  The battery packs and motors are on separate circuits which can be combined when power needs require.  Therefore, each battery pack and each motor can work independently providing back-up in the unlikely event this is required.  Additionally, the Furyan range extending generator provides a further level of back-up in the event of battery pack failures or battery exhaustion and can either drive the vessel back to port or recharge the batteries.

As a vessel transitions from displacement mode, through transient mode into planning mode the propellor torque varies.  Propeller slippage in the transient mode can result in up to 30% wasted energy.  The Furyan electronic control system will efficiently manage the deployment of energy to the propellor using mapping technology to minimise propellor slippage.  The Furyan electronic control system makes energy density calculations that take account of such variables as head wind/tail wind, sea conditions and tidal currents.

The Furyan Eco Hybrid Cascade System can be reconfigured for use in other marine applications including passenger and freight ferries and in-shore fishing fleets.  For further details get in touch.

Schematic layout of key components in the Furyan F35 Eco Hybrid

Above Schematic layout of key components in the Furyan F35 Eco Hybrid