Marine market must adopt new technologies

Apr 15, 2021 | Insights

In 2017 about 3.9m people 7.4% of the UK adult population participated in boating activities.  The pleasure marine market is almost entirely powered by fossil fuels.  This must change as governments set targets to reduce our carbon foot-print and environmentalists mobilise to influence public opinion.  Businesses must adopt alternative power options and embrace more sustainable practices that support the principles of a circular economy. 

Newcomer Furyan Marine Technology aims to respond to these challenges establishing a disruptive brand and leading change in the marine sports cruiser segment of the marine market.

Government regulations particularly in Europe and North America are expected to result in new technologies such as hybrid and electric propulsion.  Forecasts project significant growth of the electric boat market to be in excess of USD 20bn by 2027 almost 60% of the market according to a recent IdTechEx Report.

The Furyan F35 hybrid marine sports cruiser features a hull manufactured using a natural lightweight fibre that can be recycled and has a low CO2 manufacturing ratio.  This material choice has a 77% reduction of CO2 over a glass fibre construction and 97% cleaner than a carbon fibre construction.

The Furyan Cascade System drives a single dual prop sterndrive, features two electric motors run in series and uses a variable hybrid power generator.  The combined duty cycle of the Furyan Cascade System will have 68% saving on fuel and CO2 (simulated sea conditions) and 100% clean CO2 when running on all electric.

The environmentally friendly Furyan F35 will be launched at a price point comparable to the market leading petrol and diesel powered marine sports cruisers that are less friendly to the environment.