Maritime deadline of 2025 for new ships to be zero emissions

Apr 21, 2021 | Insights

To cut pollution from the country’s maritime sector, all new ships for UK waters ordered from 2025 should be designed with zero-emission capable technologies according to UK Government Plans announced in 2019.

The commitment is set out in the Clean maritime plan published in July 2019.

The clean maritime plan is part of the government’s Clean Air Strategy, which aims to cut down air pollution across all sectors to protect public health and the environment. It will also help deliver the United Kingdom’s commitment to be net zero on greenhouse gases by 2050.

A UK Government Minister stated that the maritime sector is vital to the success of the UK’s economy, but it must do everything it can to reduce emissions, improve air quality and tackle climate change.

The clean maritime plan sets an ambitious vision for the sector and opens up exciting opportunities for innovation. It will help make the UK a global hub for new green technologies in the maritime sector.

The maritime sector has already taken significant strides to reduce emissions – hybrid ferries are already being used in UK waters, including in the Scottish islands and on cross-Solent journeys to the Isle of Wight.

Furyan Marine Technology will start to take orders for its first hybrid marine sports cruiser later in 2021.  The Furyan Marine Cascade System will have zero emissions when running on all electric and will have a 68% saving on fuel and CO2 when on a combined duty cycle.

The Furyan hybrid technology systems can be used in other vessels such as passenger and freight ferries and inshore fishing fleets.  Furyan also provide consultancy services on hull design and sustainable manufacturing.