Quiet running – another benefit of the Furyan Eco Hybrid marine cruiser

Oct 25, 2021 | Insights

At 10knots a typical diesel boat will create noise of around 80db rising to 85db at speeds of 25knots.
To put this into context medical sources do not recommend long periods of exposure to noise levels above 85db as it can damage your hearing.

For example:

  • At 91 decibels, your ears can tolerate up to two hours of exposure.
  • At 100 decibels, damage can occur with 15 minutes of exposure.
  • At 112 decibels, damage can occur with only one minute of exposure.
  • At 140 decibels, immediate nerve damage can occur.

We understand that 70db is the level above which we should avoid long periods of exposure to noise. The chart below gives some examples of noise levels.

noise levels.

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