The first orders for the first Eco Hybrid marine cruiser

Sep 7, 2021 | Insights

Gibbs Quay Boat Sales have confirmed initial deposits for four Furyan F35 boats for delivery in 2022. 

This order represents the first commitment to order the Furyan F35, the first Eco Hybrid marine sports cruiser. 

A new chapter in luxury marine cruising 

Don Bissessar, owner of Gibbs Quay Boat Sales has confirmed an order for two F35 Coupes and two F35 Open Sports Cruisers commenting that “… the F35 really is the start of a new chapter in this class of motor-boat. The technology and eco credentials are unrivalled in the market. We look forward to introducing many of our customers to the F35 and believe there will be a large demand for this boat which is also expected to show high residual values …”. 

John Travis, Director of Furyan Marine Technology, commented “we are delighted to be working with Don Bissessar and his team at Gibbs to introduce the new Furyan F35 to the UK. We see this as the first of many orders for this revolutionary new boat. We have several expressions of interest from dealers across Europe. We will be looking to confirm dealer appointments later in 2021. These first orders give us confidence that the eighteen months of design and development work to create the F35 is all worthwhile. 

The Furyan F35 is more environmentally friendly than alternatives. There are four main areas where the technology is unique: the serial cascade propulsion system improves operating efficiency; the design of the hull with 28% less drag; the choice of material and production process of hull; and the electronic controls minimising propeller slippage by up to 30%. 

Important reasons to switch to the Eco Hybrid technology 

There are several reasons to switch including: lower maintenance costs and 70% lower fuel costs; quieter running and improved performance; lower impact on the planet with lower CO2 and emissions; and compliance with the increasing regulatory environment. 

About us 

Furyan Marine Technology design and manufacture in the UK Eco Hybrid marine cruisers, supplying hybrid and electric propulsion systems and consultancy services on sustainable manufacture. For more information on Furyan and the F35 please visit our website. 

Gibbs Quay Boat Sales (GQBS) one of the largest Sports Boat and Cruiser dealerships in the UK are the importers and distributors for some of the World’s leading manufacturers. For more information on Gibbs Quay Boat Sales go here.