The first sea going Eco Hybrid marine cruiser

Jun 24, 2021 | Insights

Furyan will manufacture a new and revolutionary marine sports cruiser with unique technological and environmental credentials. There are four main areas where the Furyan F35 Eco Hybrid technology makes it a more environmentally friendly alternative when compared to other boats: 

(1) the choice of material and production process of the hull: the material used in the Furyan hull has 77% lower CO2 compared with glass fibre and 97% lower CO2 than carbon fibre. The production process uses 85% less water and 70% less energy than carbon fibre. 

(2) the design of the hull with 28% less drag makes it more efficient: Furyan have used world leading consultants in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), hydrodynamic consultants and finite element analysis (FEA) to optimise the design of the hull. 

(3) the cascade propulsion system: the motors run as separate motors or linked as the power is required to match the propeller load curve to the linear power line of the electric motor. The motor link is through a seamless dog-clutch engagement system, so each motor runs at maximum efficiency. 

(4) the electronic controls minimising propellor slippage: the electronic control and display system with intelligent software and touch screen minimises waste by matching the power output to that required, minimising propeller slippage which can account for up to a 30% loss of energy. 

The marine market must change 

The pleasure marine market is almost entirely powered by fossil fuels. This must change as governments set targets to reduce our carbon foot-print and environmentalists mobilise to influence public opinion. Businesses must adopt alternative power options and embrace more sustainable practices that support the principles of a circular economy. 

Forecasts project significant growth of the electric boat market to be in excess of USD 20bn by 2027 almost 60% of the market (IdTechEx Report). 

How much will the Furyan F35 cost? 

The Furyan F35 can be priced at a similar level to comparable diesel/petrol powered boats, unlike in the automotive market where hybrid/battery powered vehicles carry a significant premium. The Furyan F35 Copyright 2021 Furyan Marine Technology Limited. Not to be reproduced in part or whole without the written permission of the company. 

The first sea going Eco Hybrid marine cruiser 

will have comparable performance levels to the best marine sports cruisers in the market with significant environmentally friendly features and benefits. 

When can I order a Furyan F35? 

The Furyan F35 will be available to order later in 2021 for delivery Q2 2022. 

Charging electric boats 

Furyan can offer three methods of recharging the batteries in an electric boat: 

The first is fast charging up to 360kW at the fuelling station of a marina. For the Furyan F35 recharging could be done from fully discharged to fully charged in under one hour; 

The second is pontoon berth charging using a DC wall box and recharging from fully discharged to fully charged could be done overnight, in approximately 10 hours; and 

The third option is portable charging that can connect to almost any electrical supply and can provide a top-up charge of up to 22kW or a trickle charge over 24 hours depending on the electrical supply. 

About Furyan 

Furyan Marine Technology will (a) design and manufacture sea going Eco Hybrid marine sports cruisers (b) supply its hybrid and electric technology systems to other boat builders and operators (c) provide consultancy services on hull design and sustainable manufacturing (d) supply charging options for electric and hybrid boats. 

For further information 

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