What are the main advantages of electric over diesel?

Dec 4, 2021 | Insights

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What are the main advantages of electric over diesel featured

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According to market analysts the adoption of EV technology in marine is for four main reasons, although in most articles the focus is generally on the environment and improving air quality. The main advantages of electric over diesel are: 

Financial: an analysis of boat companies converted to hybrid show a 70% saving on diesel fuel costs and a 90% reduction in regular maintenance costs; 

Performance: hybrid/electric enable full power from stationery position and quieter running, (almost silent e-motor running); 

Regulations: compliance with the increasing regulatory environment; and 

Environmental: electric mode will have zero emissions and boats converted to hybrid show a 60% reduction on emissions reducing the harmful NOx, SOx and CO/CO2 gases. The harmful and polluting gases from the emissions of combustion engines include: Nitrogen oxide (NOx) – harmful to humans and the planet, in high concentrations they are responsible for acid rain; Sulphur dioxide (from SOx) – a toxic gas directly harmful to human health; Carbon monoxide (CO) – is a gas poisonous to humans, CO2 is harmful in high doses; Hydrocarbon (HC) – pollute our water sources, stunt the growth of crops, endanger forests, and cause cancer in both humans and animals; and Particulate matter (PM) – high levels of PM are responsible for 7 million deaths globally and tens of thousands of deaths in the UK. 

So understandably switching away from fossil fuel powered combustion engines makes sense for us and the planet. 

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