The First Eco Hybrid Marine Cruiser

Sep 21, 2023 | Insights

Furyan F35 the first Eco Hybrid Marine Sports Cruiser modelled by Arts University Bournemouth, with thanks to Flexiteek and 3D Consultancy.  An electric boat with unique technological and environmental credentials, starting a new chapter in luxury marine cruising.

Improved performance:

The Furyan Eco Hybrid provides greater torque enabling full power from a stationery position and quieter running (less noise pollution) than fossil fuelled alternatives.

Lower costs:

The Furyan Eco Hybrid shows a 70% saving on diesel fuel costs and 90% saving on routine maintenance – combined saving of up to £50,000 over the first five years of ownership.

Eco friendly:

The Furyan Eco Hybrid will have ZERO harmful emissions (NOx, SOx, HC, CO2 and PM) on electric propulsion and a 60% reduction when in hybrid mode.
The Furyan hull is made from natural fibre with a negative CO2 footprint, is fully recyclable and has a low CO2 manufacturing ratio.

Safe at sea:

The Furyan Eco Hybrid battery packs and e-motors are on separate circuits; the range extending generator recharges the batteries when required and can drive the boat safely back to port at 12 knots.  Almost uniquely amongst this type of boat, it is designed to meet Type Approval CE category B offshore – boats operating offshore with winds of 40 knots and significant seas to 13 feet (4 metres).

Regulatory compliance:

Fully compliant with the increasing regulatory environment across Europe.

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